CÒMH A (formerly Golden Collaborative) was established in 2014 by founders Lauren Skinner and Déja Friesen. The two met while completing their Interior Design Certification in 2013. Lauren with a background in Industrial Design and Fashion, and Déja in Fine Arts and Business have been designing together since 2014 in Vancouver, BC.

CÒMH A is a multidisciplinary studio that aims to create a cohesive visual environment with a playful minimalist aesthetic. Inspired by the juxtaposition of natural and progressive man-made materials, the duo began working on various projects in an effort to establish their vision. CÒMH A values good design with quality materials that are accessible and affordable. CÒMH A’s projects evolved into their own product lines of lighting, furniture, and art objects. Not confining themselves to one design discipline, they are focused on refining their aesthetic through a multitude of mediums. They offer interior, event, and industrial design services.

CÒMH A was a top 10 emerging category finalist for LAMP 2015 International lighting design competition, and most recently received 1 of 5 GRAY MAGAZINE DESIGN REBEL IDSWEST'S Open Studio 2016.